As a whole school program EasyWrite provides consistent language and method in the teaching of handwriting.

EasyWrite develops automatic handwriting using overwrite sheets directed by audio cues on CD.

EasyWrite's Home Pack and School Pack are available in a script suitable for each Australian state and territory.

This program is now distributed through Ziggies Educational Supplies in Canning Vale and Joondalup.

Home pack detailsHome Pack

Make sure poor handwriting is not affecting your child's achievement.

EasyWrite Home Pack is available for parents to ensure the correct formations are used at home.

This simple program uses an audio CD to direct the student to correctly form letters and numbers.

Just ten minutes practice a day for a few weeks will make a big difference!

Available from:

Ziggies Educational Supplies

Cost: $29.95 inc. GST (Postage extra)

School pack detailsSchool Pack

Recent studies and research throughout the world have shown strong links between automatic handwriting and improved literacy.

EasyWrite develops automatic handwriting using overwrite sheets directed by audio cues.

Advantages of EasyWrite:

It gives those just beginning to learn the art of handwriting, the knowledge of ALL the letter and numeral formations right from the start.

  • The program can be used to remediate or review handwriting with classes, small groups or individuals of all ages.
  • As a whole school program, EasyWrite uses consistent language and practices.
  • The program allows teachers to move around the class or group checking and correcting at point of need.

EasyWrite is available for school use in all Australian states and territories.

Available from:

Ziggies Educational Supplies

School site license cost: $250.00 inc. GST (Postage extra)

Improved handwriting is linked to improved literacy.