Our Story

Our Story

EasyMark has been partnering with schools for over 35 years providing paper-based testing, marking and reliable data reporting and insights into the progress of students. Our founders were part of the Education Department and started EasyMark in direct response to schools needing more accurate, reliable and meaningful data about the progress of their students.


In recent years we’ve had an overwhelming need from schools for online-based testing, marking and reporting. Along with the growing use of digital technology in the Australian Curriculum and our belief that every teacher and school leader should have access to reliable testing resources and meaningful information to maximise student learning and growth, we created the EasyMark Online platform. We worked closely with educators to develop state-of-the-art assessment technology that not only directly meets the needs of schools but transforms student learning.


EasyMark has developed our very own Numeracy and Language Conventions Test papers to meet the new National Curriculum. We have also developed a wide range of tests from core areas such as Mathematics, Reading and Writing to Attitudes to School, Subject Areas and Self Esteem measures all available online through the EasyMark Online platform.

Why EasyMark?

Almost 35 years of experience

Co-developed with educators and the
Australian National Curriculum

Test papers written in-house for
a wide range of subject areas

EasyMark Online Assessment Subjects


Language Conventions

Reading Comprehension


Humanities and Social Sciences

Attitudes and Surveys

EasyMark offers intelligent online marking for online tests and human marking services. Our diagnostic reporting and analytics service equips schools with powerful insights into their school and students learning. In-depth diagnostic reports are sent to teachers and/or principal the next day after testing. The diagnostic reports provide schools with practical and understandable analytics about student achievement standards, strengths, learning gaps and areas requiring additional attention. Schools gain critical and actionable insights into where their school and students are really at.


Our attitude surveys written by psychologists provide schools with insights into student, parent and staff attitude towards the operation of the school and any other information that schools need in order to monitor and report upon. These include surveys on bullying. Attitude surveys help improve overall engagement and well-being at your school.

“EasyMark was easy to setup and run with our students. Our school gained a good insight into the achievement of our students. Thank you EasyMark”

 – Primary School Principal, Western Australia