Reporting and Insights

EasyMark’s in-depth reporting equip schools with powerful insights into their school and student learning. Detailed diagnostic reports are sent to teachers and/or principal the next day after testing. The diagnostic reports, whole school picture reports and growth reports provide schools with practical and understandable analytics about student achievement standards, strengths, learning gaps and areas requiring additional attention. Schools gain critical and actionable insights into where their school and students are really at.

Suitable for all year groups

Growth Reports

Growth reports are designed to help schools show growth in a student over a school year. An initial test is conducted at the commencement of a school year, which establishes the baseline for the student’s knowledge at that time and as a formative guide to measure the areas where a student needs assistance. The test is then repeated at the end of the school year and this report is compared to that done at the start of the year and the growth is measured between the two with results expressed as a percentage (+/-), sparkline and graphical display by the student, by class and by cohort.

EasyMark provides three types of reports:

  • Growth Report Per Class
  • Growth Report Per Cohort
  • Special Reports – As requested by school

Diagnostic Reports

Diagnostic Reports organise and summarise all test data and analyse the errors made by students. Diagnostic reports look at the mean scores for the individual students and the group or class and provides normed results for each test result and provides graphical information to show test data. Diagnostic reports provide meaningful insights in student learning results.

Diagnostic reports are included at no extra cost with all tests completed.

Whole-School Picture

Whole School Picture reports combine all year groups for the same test eg Numeracy or Language conventions and analyse the data by year group against the stanines to show where the students sit in comparison to where they should be sitting. Data is presented both in table format and graphically.

Whole School Picture reports are included at no extra cost with all tests completed.