Benchmark assessments helping schools’ transition back after COVID-19 disruptions

Coronavirus has affected schools, teachers, students, and parents across Australia significantly.  Remote teaching, at home learning, virtual classrooms and digital classwork have all become the norm over the past two months; but as students start to return back to school, it’s important that teachers have the resources available to accurately measure where their students are at, once they have returned to face-to-face learning.

Summative or benchmark assessments can help teachers establish baselines and accurately measure where their students are at, as they return to the classroom. Understanding where strengths and learning gaps exist for each and every student after the recent disruptions and different learning at home environments, helps teachers know where to focus their attention in Term two.


Benchmark assessments help teachers stay informed while making effective data driven teaching decisions and giving students the best opportunity to transition back to school and perform well in Term two and the 2020 year.


How Term two Benchmark Assessments can help Principals, teachers and students:


  • EasyMarks’ summative assessments are mapped to the Australian Curriculum and are written by expert educators so teachers can rely on the quality of the assessments
  • English, Mathematics and Science are all available so teachers can gain an in-depth understanding across each subject area
  • Assessments are delivered online so they can be setup and administered easily and teachers receive results and reports back fast
  • Summative assessments help teachers establish student baselines, so they know where strengths and learning gaps exist
  • Teachers are informed and know where to focus attention
  • In-depth reporting on individual student, class reports and whole school picture reports mean teachers and school leaders gain valuable and actionable data
  • Students are given the best opportunity to learn after the recent COVID-19 disruptions


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